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Key Report Highlights

Key Report Highlights:

The Sime Darby Group Sustainability Report 2011 is our inaugural sustainability report and aims to provide stakeholders with an overview of the Group’s strategies, commitments and performance towards sustainable development. The report focuses on areas related to our key strategic sustainability activities and also provides an overview of efforts to address sustainability issues considered material by Sime Darby.

The report is structured around the Group’s sustainability principles:

1. Delivering Economic Growth

2. Respect for the Environment

3. Respect for Society

4. Accountability and Transparency to Stakeholders

Specific links are also made within the report sections to the Group’s strategic sustainability goals:

1. Leverage on sustainability to create value

2. Effectively manage sustainability risks

3. Develop sustainability Thought Leadership

4. Instill a performance culture

5. Effective sustainability reporting

This sustainability report covers Sime Darby’s global operations for the calendar year 2011, unless stated otherwise. In this inaugural report, we have also included selected noteworthy historical events. Year-on-year sustainability performance metrics are provided, where available, and selected case studies are used to provide a more in-depth description of efforts on the ground. A special focus on key social issues in Liberia and Indonesia has also been provided.

The report is prepared in accordance to the Global Reporting Initiative G3.1 Guidelines, with a self-declared application level B.

Category Strength: Best First-time Report

  • Detailed description of the Sime Darby Group’s sustainability governance structure and strategy.

  • The sustainability strategy forms the basis for the sustainability activities and performance achievements reported. Clear linkage of the report content to the Group’s sustainability strategy.

  • Global operations included in the report boundary.

  • Inclusion of year-on-year performance metrics, where available, and plans to close gaps provided.

  • Inclusion of key issues and challenges, e.g. social issues in Liberia and Indonesia.

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