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Key report highlights

In addition to being the first report for GSK Romania, this is the first report for a pharmaceutical company in Romania and one of the few CR reports that have been published in the country to date. In the report, we have tried to deliver a very clear message that we, as a pharma company, have a clear responsibility to contribute to improving the quality of life (in Romania, life expectancy is the lowest in Europe and infant mortality one of the highest rates), especially against a backdrop of general lack of trust in the pharma sector, a very complex and challenging healthcare system and, as GSK, the most diverse pharma business in the Romania. Underpinning our ability to deliver social benefit is the need to develop and maintain high levels of trust with all our stakeholders. Our first report shows how we do this in our overall value chain, marketplace, workplace, and communities and in protecting the environment, while providing local context and performance data and a focus on material issues.

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We are on a mission to reinforce trust in our industry, in an authentic and transparent way. This is the first report of GSK Romania, and one of only a couple of local reports for any GSK country operation worldwide. We believe that trust is built with local stakeholders, and it was important to us, given our prominent position in the healthcare system in Romania, to maintain and develop our dialogue with stakeholders with the help of a full and transparent Corporate Responsibility Report. Our report complies with the GRI guidelines at Application Level B and was checked by the GRI.

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