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Agco Corporation

Key Report Highlights

  • Key report highlights - Founded in 1990, AGCO set out to review sustainability performance across our business internally and externally during 2010 and 2011.  Since then, we have identified areas that AGCO has a unique opportunity in sustainability-focused programs as the largest pure-play agriculture machinery manufacturer that supports more productive farming.  This report, which covers our work in the 2011 calendar year, is our first global sustainability report to disclose our findings and how they will impact our company’s journey moving forward.  We understand that readers require a clear sense of what the company does, and the major sustainability implications of these activities.  In order to do so, we have provided concise descriptions of the company’s sustainability strategy and how it relates to the nature and scale of the company’s processes, products and the economic, environmental and social context it operates within.  As first time reporters we used the Global Reporting Index G3.1 guidelines to guide us, but we prioritized the comprehensiveness of company profile and sustainability strategy over suggested disclosure indicators.  We also used photography and icons as effective ways of supporting our narrative and to help readers gain access to detailed text.  In addition to the narrative, we tried to incorporate several examples throughout the report from AGCO personnel.  By using this method, we offer helpful insight and create a more personal feel to the document. We recognize that this first report is not data intensive nor contains specific performance information on the issues discussed.  We value credibility; therefore we are in the process of developing the necessary tools to have investor-grade reporting data. For this report we validated our narrative by bringing on external reporting project team member, Michelle Bernhart of True Blue Communications to provide guidance in writing and balance.  In addition to third-party support throughout the reporting project, we also sought the support of seasoned professionals at SustainAbility provide feedback on the report before it was published.  The reviewers used their Global Reporters assessment methodology as a guide.

  • Category strengths

    - Best First-time Report: We recognize any first time report is a significant endeavor and any company that attempts publishing one is making a laudable effort.  Our first report presents evidence of our time and investment into developing a strategy to communicate our clear state strategy and materiality process.  Although we are late entrants into the non-financial reporting world, our late start has made it possible for us to focus on indicators and issues that impact our business the most and invite stakeholders to support us through this journey.

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