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50 year old values still highly relevant

There is a unique story attached to the VELUX Group’s work with corporate responsibility.

Becoming a model company, a role model for others, was an important goal for the VELUX Group’s founder, Mr. Villum Kann Rasmussen, when he worded his Model Company Objective in 1965.

The Model Company Objective still forms the bedrock of our way of doing business, and corporate responsibility is very much part of our business strategy. You might say that work with corporate responsibility is part of the Group’s DNA. We present the many aspects of corporate responsibility to society in this full report.

One of the key aspects of our strategy and our Corporate Responsibility report is Sustainable Living in Buildings.

Sustainable Living in Buildings

Reduction of CO2 emissions all over the world is paramount to combat global warming. Figures from the EU show that buildings account for 40% of all energy consumption in Europe. Buildings constitute a substantial potential when it comes to reduction of CO2 emissions − just imagine if we could eliminate half the fossil energy consumption from buildings. This could reduce CO2 emissions in Europe by as much as 20%, a substantial contribution to the long-term goals of the EU. Therefore, the building industry is facing great opportunities in the Green Economy and holds a great responsibility for its success


VELUX Group believes that the quality of our lives and the quality of our environment are closely interlinked. Under the credo Sustainable Living we want to inspire buildings that give more than they take, i.e. buildings with high energy efficiency, optimum indoor climate and renewable energy sources. By numerous full-scale experiments, VELUX Group contributes to the development of carbon-free buildings with a pleasant indoor climate offering plenty of daylight and fresh air; for instance by placing windows – the access points to the free energy of the sun –strategically to take full advantage of the sunlight and stimulate air flows to create natural ventilation. It is part of our company strategy to actively participate in the development of future Sustainable Living in buildings, taking into account that both the climate and the people who live, work and play in these buildings will benefit. As a consequence, quality of life will increase both on a global scale and on an individual level.

In our innovation and development efforts, we are steadily sharpening our focus on sustainability in terms of developing and marketing solutions with clear CO2-reduction benefits. It is our ambition to lead the development of better living environments with daylight and fresh air to provide healthy, comfortable indoor climates and address the growing environmental and CO2-reduction concerns.

The company's strategic focus on Sustainable living in buildings is reflected in the CR report outline. The report is of utmost predisposed to Sustainable living in buildings. It constitutes the main thread or core story of the report.
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