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Key Report Highlights

Welcome to Our Journey Towards Sustainable Development - Golder Associates’ First Ever Sustainable Development Report

This is Golder Associates’ first Sustainable Development Report.

Why is this significant for us?

We wanted to share with our stakeholders where we are in our journey towards Sustainable Development, a journey that started a few years ago and involved many people in the company. This is also the first time that we have measured against external indicators in accordance with the sustainability reporting guidelines prescribed by the Global Reporting Initiative™ (GRI).

Where have we come from?

Our approach to Sustainable Development has evolved over the years, from the establishment of a Sustainability Council comprised of senior leaders to the creation of office-based Sustainability Clubs driven by enthusiastic young employees with lots of ideas to share.

Our experience has taught us a lot. We have realised that to make real progress on our journey towards Sustainable Development requires deep cultural change in the organisation and a full commitment from the leadership of the company.

What is the key theme of the report?

We have decided to create a strong link between our first Sustainable Development report and the key elements that describe our culture: our purpose, vision, values, strategy and code of conduct. We refer to these elements as our Charter, and they reflect the success we have already had in embedding the principles of Sustainable Development into our culture while pointing us towards the future.

How has the report been presented?

This report has been conceived mainly for the web, and it has been designed to ensure an optimal experience from various electronic devices. We made this choice to minimise material and energy consumption and to ensure a richer experience as we have made available some videos and we plan to add more multimedia content in the future.

We hope you enjoy experiencing it as much as we enjoyed telling you our story.

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Questions? Send them to:

Lea Chambers

Global Marketing Leader

Category Strengths - Best First Time Report

Choose Us! Choose Us!


(To the reader: Imagine music from “Mission Impossible” playing in the background)

That’s how our team felt when we were tasked with launching Golder Associates’ first EVER Sustainable Development report.

Here was the mission that we chose to accept (and why we think our report should win this category):

(To the reader: Imagine Tom Cruise opening the laptop….)

“A team of 5 people and two external consultants are to work together under relatively tight timelines with a small budget to produce a creative, eco-friendly way to tell our sustainable development story.  Do this without any administrative support, no formalized internal process for gathering the data needed to achieve a GRI “B” level report, working across 5 different time zones, and everybody keeps your day jobs while you are working on it.

By the way, you’ll have some further challenges:

One of you will spend several weeks throughout the process working on a mining project in a remote location in Gabon. Another of you will go through the death of a parent during the process. Another has an annual summer vacation booked. Another is in Italy and most of the conference calls will be late at night your time. One of you is near retirement and on your boat off the coast of Australia for most of the development time.”


So….what happened?

(To the reader: Imagine a really exciting, action packed movie full of suspense where Tom Cruise wins in the end…)

…Well, we did it! We produced a graphically and stylistically modern and environmentally friendly online report that raised cheers amongst our employees and received a clapping of hands from many of our clients. And we did it in a way that was a reflection of our 50+ year old company’s unique culture.

How did we do this?

  1. Trust.

There was a high degree of trust amongst all team members and we were all committed to doing the best job possible on the report because we recognized how strategically important it was for us to do so.

  1. Teamwork.

There was a team culture of values based decision making, open communication, rapid turnaround of work requests, and positive energy in all team meetings despite challenges. Issues related to differences in opinion were handled quickly and fairly.

  1. Support from senior management.

 Our president was very supportive of the launch of the report and very involved in the final review process of the contents. His photo was in the report next to his words showing support for our sustainable development journey and his video introduction of the report to our employees was widely watched. Our management team members and corporate services leaders all helped contribute as well.

What did we achieve? Since our report was only launched a month ago, we haven’t yet had time to do any proper post-launch surveys, but will be doing so in 2013.  In any case, we achieved:

  1. GRI “B” level!

This is the first time that we have measured against external indicators in accordance with the sustainability reporting guidelines prescribed by the Global Reporting Initiative™ (GRI).

  1. Awareness raised about the importance of good record keeping related to our GRI indiators.

We raised awareness in our company about the need for much more rigorous record keeping and tracking of our GRI related indicators (energy, carbon, people statistics, etc.)

  1. A new way of promoting what a unique culture and company we have to our clients around the world.

We helped promote our company to our clients in a way our people had never done before and prepared ourselves for an evolution of our brand to occur in several years.

  1. Lots of cheering employees!

We raised the morale amongst our people, who have been waiting for the company to write a report like this for several (if not many) years.

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Category Strengths – Creativity in Communication

Choose Us! Choose Us!

This is Golder Associates’ first Sustainable Development Report. And we are really excited about it!

Here’s why we think our report should win this category:

  • “WOW!”

That’s the feedback we got from many of our employees and several of our clients when we first launched the 2011 Sustainable Development Report.

  • We used a really creative “story telling” approach.

Golder’s first ever Sustainable Development report utilized a “story telling” approach, rather than feeling too much like a traditional report. We utilized the services of an Italian graphic and web design firm to use infographics, video clips, photos and minimal amounts of text to tell our story about our journey toward sustainable development in a creative and appealing way.

  • It was meant to be an “experience”, not a boring read. The site was meant to be an exploratory adventure for our readers, where they could spend as little or as much time as they wanted learning about our achievements. An appealing home page guides you to one of our 5 topics, each of which is linked to our Commitment to Sustainable Development categories:

  • Governance

  • People

  • Operations

  • Clients

  • Communities

Within each category you can read as many of our short stories as you’d like – we wanted you to have the freedom to explore in their own way, rather than making the story too “linear”.

  • Your kids will think it’s cool. We wanted to appeal to a younger generation in the graphics and the style of story writing we did. It is definitely not boring, even though we are a company of engineers and scientists.

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