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The Sustainability Report 20111 is the first Report drawn up using the GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines Version 3.0, 2006, including Mining and Metals Supplement, 2010 at application level A.

It sets out the economic, environmental and social impacts and benefits of NWR Group2 activities for the calendar year 2011. It is a strategic document complementing and adding to the NWR Annual Report and Accounts for 2011 and is intended mainly for our key stakeholders. The environmental and social data are derived from NWR subsidiaries, in view of their different fields of business and differing impacts on their surroundings.

For selected key indicators data covering the period 2008-2011 are used. The Report covers operations in the Czech Republic and in Poland and describes their activities’ impact on stakeholders and the environments affected by NWR’s operations. The reported economic data are consolidated at the NWR level and cover all on-going operations linked to NWR’s business. When defining the content of the Report we emphasise the economic, environmental and social areas, aspects and indicators which were deemed significant by NWR’s key stakeholders or which NWR considers necessary in terms of context.

The Report follows the GRI methodology (GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines Version 3.0, 2006, including Mining and Metals Supplement, 2010). The Report is compliant with application level A and passed the GRI application check. The Report is published in three languages (English, Czech, Polish) to ensure it reaches all our stakeholders in the various locations. NWR is the first global company to produce its Report in a local language such as Czech. As an addition to the printed versions we have created a new Sustainability section at where visitors can access and download information, charts etc. and provide us with feedback. Category strengths It is not customary for companies located in post-communist countries like the Czech Republic to publish separate sustainability reports that follow a particular reporting framework. We are the second company on the Czech market that has committed to regular sustainability reporting based on GRI. We are therefore focused on promoting good reporting practice in general and creating interest both among Czech companies and in the media and the public.

We are showing that ‘telling the truth’ is in no way a disadvantage for the company and that, on the contrary, the company is highly regarded for its openness and willingness to provide all the relevant information in the right context. In this respect we are pioneers in the Czech environment.
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