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About Expert Reviews

What are Corporate Register Expert Reviews?

Corporate Register Expert Reviews are part of the Corporate Register directory of global CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) resources.

Some of the reports profiled on the site have been reviewed. These Expert Reviews have been supplied by independent third parties. Corporate Register supplies a framework and guidelines for the development of these reviews but responsibility for their content lies entirely with the independent third parties.

Site users can view the latest Expert Reviews and use a range of search features to access the (back) directory. A 'favourites' feature is available, allowing users to save specific Expert Reviews of interest (only available to signed-up users).

Why Corporate Register Expert Reviews?

CSR has entered the business mainstream. Thousands of companies are now producing annual CSR reports, which are all featured in our Report Directory. Thousands of stakeholders around the world are interested in accessing CSR information - Corporate Register is a central global CSR portal.

Expert Reviews provide an independent take on a corporate message. They can assist your interpretation of a report and quickly identify strengths, weaknesses and other salient features. Reading reports takes time, and each year more are produced - use our Expert Reviews to complement your own views, or to see which reports may be of interest.

Can I become a Reviewer?

Are you independent, well-informed about CR reporting issues, and write in an engaging, lively style? Can you provide a steady stream of Expert Reviews of current reports profiled on Corporate Register? In return we’ll include your contact details and perhaps a profile, and ensure your Expert Reviews are read by thousands of our users.

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