How long will it take for you to download our PDF files? It's difficult to be accurate about this, as speeds vary according to a number of factors including the type of connection you have and how busy the Internet is. We display the size of each PDF document, for you to make an estimate of time to download according to the following table. The table gives an estimate only, but having used it once, you will have a much better idea of how times will work for you. Some report files are very large so you'll need to be aware of this (a 10Mb file with a 56.6 modem connection may take up to 30 mins to download).

Method 400Kb 600Kb 800Kb 1Mb
56.6 Modem 57 sec 1 min 26 sec 1 min 55 sec 2 min 28 sec
ISDN (128Kb) 25 sec 38 sec 51 sec 1 min 5 sec
Broadband (512Kb) 6 sec 9 sec 12 sec 16 sec
Broadband (1.5Mb) 2 sec 3 sec 4 sec 5 sec