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CR Report API

Access information about our reports via our extensive and flexible web API. It's both powerful and easy to use.

what is a web API?

In the simplest terms, web APIs provide data that can be read by a broad range of clients including apps, browsers and desktop or mobile applications such as Excel.

How web APIs work

A request to the API for data is made which, if the request is successful, returns the data in a set format, usually XML or JSON.

Who can use the CR Report API?

You have to have Research or Full Membership to use the API. You also need an API Token, a code which you include in the API call that identifies you. You can get your API Token from Your Membership.

A working example

This is a set example API request, a simple working example you can use and experiment with. Hopefully it will demonstrate how our web API works. Copy and paste the following into your browser address bar and press return.
If everything has worked as it should, the API request will return some XML similar to below. The example returns the lastest five published reports in the Banking sector.
You can save the data by saving the page in your browser, which should recognise the contents as XML. You can then open the file in Excel or any other application that supports XML.

To learn more about our Report API, see the API Documentation.