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Q1: What is your scope?
We try to profile every non-financial (corporate responsibility – CR) report worldwide, across all sectors and including all types of organisation. Every report must be a ‘real’ report with data and a timeline. We include both stand-alone non-financial reports and annual (financial) reports providing they either include at least 6 pages of relevant non-financial information, or the entire report is ‘integrated’ (includes both financial and non-financial information throughout, preferably using a standard reporting framework). We only feature reports using latin scripts. This means we do not profile reports which are only in non-latin scripts such as Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic etc.
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Q2: How much do I have to pay to access your site?
We offer different levels of access to the information on our site. Every organisation or report profile is freely accessible, but the PDFs cannot be downloaded. By registering as a Limited Member (this is quick, easy, free of charge) you gain wider access and can download our PDFs, subject to our Terms of Service. We also offer full access to our entire database together with a suite of online tools and resources, for users upgrading their membership to Affiliate, Full or Research Membership.
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Q3: I produce CR reports. What more can you do for me?
If you produce CR reports you are our target audience and we offer several services.
We should already provide a free profile of your organisation on the website – do take a look.

As a reporter you can choose between two levels of Membership:

Affiliate Membership
By upgrading to Affiliate Membership we can enhance this free profile by:
a) Adding your corporate logo and linking to your own website (home page or any other section – you decide).
b) Offering a short description of your organisation, max 1000 characters including blank spaces.
c) Linking to the online (html) version of your reports. We only ever profile the PDF formats of reports as part of our free standard service, so if you’d like your online version profiled, this is the only method of doing so.
d) Ensuring your profile and reports come top of the search results. We add at least 8,000 new reports to the website every year – your profiles are at risk of disappearing under the deluge of competing reports. By upgrading to Affiliate Membership we ensure your profiles come top of the results. Affiliate profiles (organisations and reports) head the search results, in alphabetical order, followed by all other profiles.
e) Hosting other language versions. We currently host only English report versions, where they are available. If your pdf format report is available in additional languages, we can add these pdf reports as part of your Affiliate Membership.
f) Who is looking at your profiles? You can access the traffic statistics for your profiles as part of your Affiliate Membership package.

Full Membership
If you choose to become a Full Member, you’ll receive ALL the benefits of Affiliate Membership outlined above, plus:
g) Advanced live charts. More search parameters, and you’ll see all the report profiles contributing to the charts.
h) Advanced report search. An extensive range of search parameters (such as sectors and sub-sectors, country, year etc) in addition to the single field 'Organisation' search, which you can continue to use if you prefer.
i) General statistics section. See 160 charts addressing different aspects of CR reporting. All regularly updated and exclusive to our site.
j) Sector statistics. We’ll set up a feed for reports for your sector, so you’ll always be informed of the latest publications.
k) CR sector overview report. We’ll send you the report for your sector – an invaluable resource outlining background, material issues and resources.
l) Your sector report feed. A list of recent reports for your specific sector or sub-sector, continuously updated for you to keep abreast of how your peers and competitors are reporting.

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An online, searchable directory of service providers in the CR reporting field. It’s free for you to use. Find the consultants, designers, auditors and printers best suited to help you report – we profile over 8,000 of these ‘ReportingPartners’.
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Q4: I find your CR report directory useful, but I need more information. What can I do?
This depends on what kind of information you need:
a) Are you a student, or just interested in a few reports over a limited period?
You may not want to commit to fee-based Membership.
You can register on our site as a Limited Member (this is free of charge) and keep an eye on the colour of your ‘trafficator’:
  • As your free Limited Membership is depleted depending on how much you access the site, your trafficator changes from green to amber to red.
  • You need to contribute to get more ‘credit’. You can contribute to our site in different ways, for example by adding meaningful comments to any report profile, or by voting in our CR Reporting Awards.
  • We’ll give you extra ‘credit’ if you contribute in this way, and your trafficator will change colour to reflect this, ensuring you can continue to use the site.
b) Are academic, researcher or analyst and you need access to lots of reports?
You should upgrade to Research Membership:
  • This gives you advanced search functions and several online tools, together with access to our extensive statistics section.
c) Do you develop your own reports?
You can upgrade to two different levels:
  • Affiliate Membership
  • Full Membership
These Membership options give you access to a range of benefits – see Q3 above.
Q5: Are you part of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)?
No, the GRI is one of a number of reporting initiatives around the world and we are independent from them all. Each of these initiatives is advancing non-financial reporting in its own way, but we feel that our stakeholders are best served by a website which aims to be comprehensive, rigorous and independent. In the same manner we don’t accept any grants, donations or sponsorships for the operation of our website, nor do we rely on advertising or third party marketing.
Q6: I think we registered with you once, but how do I find my details?
We have a ‘Having problems?’ link on the sign-in page. This takes you to a password finder where you enter your email and surname and our system automatically retrieves your password and sends an email. It doesn’t always work if your surname has accents or non-standard letters – our system sometimes finds these hard to recognise. In this case just email us at info@corporateregister.com
Q7: How do I get my organisation listed on your site, and how much does it cost?
If you publish a relevant non-financial report, or an annual report with at least 6 pages of relevant non-financial information (ie not just large photos), or an ‘integrated’ report, we should already profile your organisation and report. If we don’t we’ll be pleased to add you – there’s no fee. Just send an email to info@corporateregister.com or if you’ve already signed up for Full Membership you can use the ‘Submit your new report’ feature on our home page.
Q8: My organisation already features on your site, how do I make updates?
It depends on the type of update.
a) Do you have a new report?
• send an email to info@corporateregister.com
• Or if you’ve already signed up for Full Membership you can use the ‘Submit your new report’ feature on our home page.
b) Do you need to update a report profile or your organisation’s profile?
• send an email to info@corporateregister.com Do you develop your own reports?
Q9: Which reports feature in the Directory?
We try to feature every relevant non-financial report anywhere in the world, regardless of the size of the reporting organisation. We are currently adding over 8,000 new reports every year. If we’ve missed yours, or you know of a report we’ve missed, please let us know by e-mailing info@corporateregister.com – thank you! For more information on the scope of our reports see Q1.