is the global corporate responsibility (CR) resources website and hosts the world's most comprehensive directory of corporate non-financial reporting, profiling approximately 60,000 reports across 177 countries.

We strive to maintain the quality of our site and services, in order to advance CR globally.

Our current services include data access, distribution, site profiles, and benchmarking and best practice initiatives.

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Data Access

At the heart of is our commitment to providing resources on CR reporting companies and their reports, including data on trends, assurance types, global standards, and other relevant topics.

Our site provides basic access to company and report profiles for our registered users through a Personal Account.

For those users who wish to take more advantage of our extensive resources, we offer Membership subscriptions.

Personal Account users are given a free Personal Account when they register, which offers access to basic resources on our site such as access to our smart searches, downloads, news and reviews.

Personal Account holders will receive a points quota measured on a ‘trafficator’ system, which changes from green to amber to red as you use the site. Engaging in the site, by voting in awards or surveys, or leaving meaningful comments on reports you have read, gives you more credit to enable continued use of the site. The account is not intended for intensive, systematic, or commercial use.

The Personal Account must be upgraded to a Membership Account for greater access to the site.

To sign up for your free Personal Account, simply visit to register.


Who can apply for Membership?

Membership is available at two levels:

a) Associate membership - for non-reporting organisations, service providers and academics.
b) Full membership - for reporting organisations.

Membership is on annual subscription.

What are the benefits of Membership?

All members have access to the following:

1) Advanced searches. Instead of the single search field available to non-members, (our 'smart search'), members can choose from many drop-downs, giving comprehensive, precise searches. For example members may search by company name, by sector or sub-sector, year, country and in any combination. There are several additional search fields including frameworks such as GRI and external assurance statements. Alternatively members may continue to use the 'smart search'.

2) Statistics. We have an extensive statistics section with over 150 individual charts illustrating the data in our database (growth over time, by country, sector, report types, assurance, use of frameworks...). Many of these charts are updated every few days. This content is unique and gives an overview of our directory of non-financial reporting over two decades.

3) PDF Search Tool. We index the content of our many tens of thousands of reports. You can search this content by an individual word or phrase - an invaluable research tool.

See illustrations and a breakdown of these benefits further explained by following this link.

In addition to these benefits, Full members have access to the following:

4) Full members will see a feed of new reports from their own sector - the best way to stay informed of what is happening amongst peers and competitors.

5) In addition to the many charts available to all members, Full members will have access to detailed charts and statistics for their own specific sector. These charts are not available anywhere else on the site.

6) Full members will benefit from discounts on our services, such as our standard package for ReportAlerts and news.

7) We are developing a series of 'CR Sector Overviews' - these are downloadable reports, focusing on sectoral material issues. Indispensable for sustainability & communications professionals! Members have access to the report for their own sector. We will be developing reports for all major business sectors. The reports available currently are:

Features Table

  Personal account
Associate Member Full Member
Discounts on reporting services - -
Sector report feed - -
Sector statistics - -
CR Sector Overview (selected sectors) - -
General statistics -
PDF Search Tool -
Advanced searches -
Advanced Live charts -
Basic Live charts
‘Smart’ searches
Downloads section access
CR News, Report Reviews

How much does it cost?

Fees and eligibility:

Associate Membership                      £500 / €685 / $760
      Academics / non-profits                  £350 / €480 / $532
      Service providers                           min. 5 subscribers / country
Full Membership                               £799 / €1,095 / $1,214
      - Additional full members                £399 / €547 / $606
      SMEs / non-profits                          £599 / €821 / $910

a) Associate membership. Fees are GBP500 per annum, with a reduced rate of GBP350 for Academics and Not-for-profits. Service providers (auditors, consultants, investment researchers etc.) need to apply for a country group account (with a minimum of 5 subscribers) as we do not offer individual associate membership for this category - please contact us for more information.

We also offer a specific account for groups of students (minimum 10) who need access to the advanced search - please contact us for details.

b) Full membership. Your organisation will need to have published, or intend to publish a report profiled on
Fees: GBP799 annually for first member, GBP399 for additional members from the same organisation.

Both membership categories are for named individuals.
Please contact us for rates for larger groups.

All members must agree and abide by our Terms of Service

Download our Application Form. Complete, sign and send it back to us.
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Site Profiles

Reporting companies and the partners who assist in creating their CR reports are featured free of charge on as basic profile listings (in the Companies & Reports and ReportingPartners directories).

Company profiles are linked to their individual CR report profiles, which include further links to information on associated ReportingPartners. Site Profiles Chart

Companies & Reports

At the core of is the directory of CR reports. Reporting companies are given free profiles on the site, which are linked to their individual CR reports.

Site users can use the 'Advanced Companies' and 'Advanced Reports' Searches to access this information.

Companies have the option of upgrading their free profile to a PriorityReporter profile as part of the ReportAlert package. For more information about ReportAlert, please visit

Contact us if your company is reporting and not yet listed on


The ReportingPartners Directory is designed to provide reporting companies with the means to identify, compare and contact the organisations who might assist in the production of their CR reports. currently provides the most comprehensive list of such organisations available on the web, profiling over 10,000* ReportingPartners.

  • Types of ReportingPartners
    Currently in directory
  • Auditors/Verifiers
    c. 1,743
  • Consultants
    c. 1,096
  • Designers
    c. 4,574
  • Printers
    c. 2,808
  • Total:
    c. 10,221

* as of March 2015

With an increasing number of auditors, consultants, designers, and printers involved in CR reporting, this is a great opportunity to help you stand out from the crowd to a targeted CR audience. offers ReportingPartners the opportunity to benefit from our global exposure with an enhanced profile, which will help attract reporting companies to your services.

We provide a free basic listing of your company, with no contact details. ReportingPartners have the option of upgrading their free profile to a Bronze, Silver or Gold profile which contains a link from every report you have contributed to, more information about your company and priority listing.

Five customised HTML pages -
Top priority listing -
Brief company description
Website link
E-mail & contact details
Priority listing
Telephone number

Contact us if you are interested in upgrading you ReportingPartner's profile.

Benchmarking and Best Practice

Because of our status as the most comprehensive global source of CR reporting companies and their reports, we maintain our position as an authority on CR reporting benchmarking and best practice.

Every year, we conduct the only independent annual global awards for CR reporting, the CRRA. We also draw on our extensive CR network to bring stakeholders the most relevant information on CR reporting, through such resources as Expert Reviews and research-based publications.

CR Reporting Awards (CRRA)

The CR Reporting Awards (CRRA) are the only independent annual global awards for CR reporting, founded by in 2007.

All companies with recent CR reports are invited to participate through a Call for Entries in late September. Voting by the global CR community takes place between October and January. The awards culminate in a CR Forum and Gala Evening in Spring every year.

For more information on the CRRA, including previous winners, along with entry and voting guidelines, please visit:

Expert Reviews

Expert Reviews are posted on by a panel of independent third parties who each provide periodic reviews of selected CR reports on the site.

While supplies the framework and guidelines for the development of these reviews, responsibility for their content lies entirely with the reviewers. To read Expert Reviews, please visit

If you are a CR professional interested in contributing to Expert Reviews, please contact us.

Publications produces and contributes to reports on various CR trends, and occasionally partners in team-based projects.

For available downloads of our reports, including our 'Assure View' The CSR Assurance Statement Report and CR Reporting Awards (CRRA) Official Reports please visit:

Additional publications on offer are available from our shop:

If you need more information on a publication or have feedback, please contact us.