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What is News? News is part of the directory of global CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) resources.

When you submit a news item to CR News, it will be displayed on our website for 6 weeks, freely available to our website visitors and registered users, as well as disseminated by RSS feed, including to our twitter account (@CorpReg). After 6 weeks, items are archived, and remain searchable—a valuable resource for you and your stakeholders.

Site users can view the latest news items and use a range of search features to access the directory. A 'favourites' feature is available, allowing users to save specific news items of interest (only available to signed-up users). All your news items will be aggregated on your profile page

Why News?

CR is no longer an optional extra for business. Thousands of companies now regularly produce annual CR reports, which all feature in our Report Directory. We have one of the most high profile CR resources websites in the world, and our News service will offer a global, independent & authoritative supply of quality CR information.

Our users want to hear about your CR initiatives throughout the year, not just in your annual sustainability report. The best way to engage these key stakeholders is to communicate with them regularly. Using company generated news items, our News module brings together CR-engaged companies and informed stakeholder audiences.

The diversity of our news items will reflect the range of CR issues companies are currently addressing. We are not an outlet for news concerning specific, local philanthropic activities. Whilst these initiatives may be of great interest to your employees and local communities, they are of less relevance to our global stakeholder audience. Instead, we want to feature your news items and stories that deal with the most pressing and relevant CR issues.

About our Audience has been active since 1997 and has over 35,000 registered users (growing daily), all with a proven interest in CR. A significant proportion of our site, including our News module, is available to site visitors who have not yet signed-up. We receive over 20,000 unique visits per month - our scope is global.

Why sign up as a user to

Sections of the broader site are only available to signed up users. For example, our searchable CR Report Directory is only available after sign in.
Our site sign up is available free of charge from our homepage. Users who sign up receive the following benefits:

  • News 'favourites': collate news items of specific interest so you can access them quickly next time you login
  • Access to our full, searchable CR Report Directory. This includes advanced search features
  • 'My Reports' feature: collate links to specific reports in your own online list to ensure quick access to publications of interest
  • 'ReportingPartners favourites' feature: produce your own online (and printable) summary report of CSR reporting service providers
  • Receive information on significant site updates via email
  • Inclusion in our regular email announcements of new CR reports (via
  • Inclusion in our monthly email round-up of upcoming CR events (via
Terms and conditions for site users are available here.

How can I submit news?

Submission of news is fee-based, please contact us to discuss rates. The 'submit' button can be found on the News landing page here. You will need to be a signed-up user of to submit news (sign-up is free). Specific guidelines for creating your news item can be found here.


Q) What is your scope?
A) Our scope is international and covers both public and private sectors. Further information on the CR reports we feature is available here.
Q) How much do I have to pay to access your site?
A) Currently, our site is free to access. Some areas of the site will require you to sign in (signing up is also free of charge and subject to our terms & conditions).
Q) I notice you feature CR reports, how do I get more access to this information?
A) The report directory is the core of our site. Access the full reports search from our homepage (free sign-up required).
Q) Are you part of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)?
A) No, is an independent organisation with no affiliations to the Global Reporting Initiative. We do provide a comprehensive directory of all reports following the GRI guidelines as part of our CR Report Directory.
Q) I think we registered with you once, but how do I find my details?
A) Our user accounts are on an individual rather than organisational basis, so you will need your own account (sign-up from the homepage). If you think you already have a user account but can't recall your details, you can try to recover them here.
Q) How do I get my company listed on your site, and how much does it cost?
A) This largely depends on which section of our site is relevant to your organisation:

  • If you are a reporting company, please check our report directory as we might have already identified you through our own research. If we haven’t please just contact us and we will arrange your free listing. This basic entry is free of charge and you can enhance your listing with the PriorityReporter Package
  • If you are ReportingPartner (a company providing CR reporting services, for example as a consultant or designer) please check our ReportingPartner directory as we might have already identified you through our own research. If we haven’t please just contact us and we will arrange your free listing. The basic profile is free of charge, and you can upgrade this profile to either Silver or Gold levels, which allow you to tailor your profile.

Q) My company already features on your site, how do I make updates?
A) You can contact us to request updates to your profile. If you want to submit a report please read this information first.
Q) I produce CR reports, what more can you do for me?
A) Your free listing in our report directory is guaranteed (full information here). We offer four additional services to help publicise your report and collect feedback on your latest publication:

  • - our CR report announcement service, which is so important it has its own website!
  • We can send printed copies of your report to key Global stakeholders, contact us for more information.
  • PriorityReporter Package - this is a suite of services which will change the way we feature your company on to ensure you get the recognition you deserve.
  • ReportingPartners Directory - This is an online, searchable directory of service providers in the CR reporting field. It is free for you to use, and it will help you locate an Assurer, Consultant, Designer or Printer for your next CR report.

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